Friday, May 21, 2010

How I became a painter...

There are so many ways that painters are inspired in their lives from the immediate moment to the depth of their experiences in life.  For me, there was a start that wasn't so pleasant that sent me into a hyper vigilant observation in life.  I became the viewer, the observer of people and environment to such a degree that I notice everything.  Or, at least it feels that way, at times. 
I have heard many quotes about the sensitivity that artists poses.  One being from John Howard Sanden, "that he often feels sorry for artists ... as they have these antennas", another more rough statement that comes to mind is "if you didn't want to be an artist, you shouldn't have chosen such a rough childhood".  Interesting the take on how and why we are so sensitive.  But, the more I study and learn about the human brain and the way it reacts to experiences, the more I understand.  The artist's brain is mostly utilizing the right hemisphere which is non-verbal, intuitive, emotional.  That is where the images are stored.  That is where creativity is born individually in each of us.
So, with that being said, did our outcome and 'take' on life come from our right brain dominant personality from birth or was it a progression from circumstances that we encountered as children that led to us depending on the right hemisphere more than the verbal, and non-logical circumstances that we may have experienced as children?  I am sure in the latter situation it is a bit of both and coping mechanisms are the tools for survival.
In the end ... I wouldn't want to be anywhere but here, now.  And all that it took to make me who I am ... came from some hard stories.  Everyone has some.  What do you think led to your deep focus on painting?