Monday, January 17, 2011


The moment when you know…
In 2008, I personally went through an event which seized my entire existence by the throat, and transformed me into a place that I had never emotionally gone to before. It wasn't a good place; I nearly died. But it was there, in that despair, that moment of "Surrender" I finally felt the deep understanding which taught me to 'let go and let God'. It was a beautiful moment. Life has become a magnificent peaceful serenity since. Life is an ever evolving opportunity for abundance in learning lessons. This was my greatest lesson.
It's that moment that inspired this sculpture. I first saw this sculpture as hands in the air asking for help. But that was a moment too late for the emotion that I wanted to express. I recognized the moment was actually just prior. It was the emotionally distraught place at the very moment when I knew my Higher Power would care for me. The moment of "Surrender".

I hope that you also have found your serenity. And that this piece gives you as much joy as it has me.

I am currently taking orders for this limited edition. The price for this bronze is $1200. Payments, Visa, & MasterCard are welcome.

Bobbi Baldwin
Baldwin Fine Art