Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Day 4 - Painting an eight year old...

Day 4 -
My model today was Wyatt, a very handsome tall brown eyed 8 year old.  Wyatt's father, David, runs the "I Love Fair Oaks" page on Facebook and is an agent for State Farms Insurance.  I was honored to meet him recently as he is from my neighborhood; it's great to meet another local business owner.  I am so very excited that David has scheduled his whole family of five for this project.

Wyatt was a great sport sitting for 3 hours for me.  So, I put on a couple movies for him to watch so that he wouldn't be bored.  He is really a sweet young man and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.  Although his expressions continually changed from the emotions of watching a move and there were times that I suggested he might want to sit up, Wyatt was very good at sitting still enough to capture him.

Today was a great day.  And I am thoroughly enjoying this so far.  Yesterday's philosophical rant was just that.  There are always going to be deep passionate ideas about art that come up for me, because it is a passion and I am in a learning stage.  So, I nailed it, vulnerable.  And that's totally okay.  For today ... I am glad to allow this.

Today the painting process was easy, so much so, that I repainted and spent much time just softening and solving the small details.  I was actually done in two hours but the last hour was good to spend more time reassessing my drawing and color contrasts.

I taught class during the morning and took an hour to eat lunch and then Wyatt arrived.  I am tired and don't have a lot to say ... other than ... what a very good day!

Thank you to all of the models and their parents!  This is such a satisfying project and I couldn't do this without you.

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