Monday, August 17, 2015

Where has the time gone... Day 17...and all the previously missed days...

Well, somehow I got through the toughest week of the month and I am excited to say that this week shall be calmer. (I hope)  Last week I taught not only did a portrait per day for three hours, but I also taught 4 classes spread over 3 of the days, finished and delivered four paintings, and managed to fit in a couple meetings with friends.  It was a busy week.  phew!  I am glad to be beyond it.  But, the Sutter Club "Fear No Easel" paint and sip event on Friday turned out fantastic.  It was our second event.  Steve Solis, my friend and co-heart in this event was a great help and kept them all amused as well as helping so much with their paintings.  Even though this type of event is so popular throughout our nation at this time, it isn't cost effective nor what I want to do.  I prefer to get the students into a lecture series class where I get to further them in the style of painting that they find most pleasure in. So, this is the only organization that I do this for.  Probably because my dear friends David and Sandy Garese are members and David is the event coordinator.  So, it is a very light-hearted event and I am happy to do this for them.   Still planning for any new class takes a few extra hours and lots of planning beyond the time of the class. It went off without a flaw and was so very fun.

Back to the project...
I haven't written since day 10 with Marcia.

So, here is a quick overview of the last week.  I will write more later.  There is not painting posted for Jo Montgomery, as it needs revisions.  More later...

Day 11:Hannah Redfield

 Day 12: David Redfield

Day 14: Mary Lou Dales

Day 13: Jo Montgomery

Day 15: Carol Lunn

Day 16: Emily Maker

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